Master pizzaiolo and third-generation baker, Michele Iuliano, (pronounced Mee-keh-lee) has introduced a distinctly Neapolitan style of pizza-making previously unknown to New York City. Trained in Naples, Italy, Iuliano is the man behind the ovens at Luzzo’s Group: a trio of pizza-centric, southern Italian restaurants that lean heavily on sincere Neapolitan techniques in order to cater to the market’s growing demand for undiluted, true-to-form regional cooking.
Michele is a restless pizzaiolo – constantly toying with flour and water for the perfect dough recipe. He developed his technique with years of baking traditional Italian loaves and believes bread to be the foundational canvas for true Neapolitan pizza. Michele sculpts his crust with delicate care, realizing through experience that rough kneading will produce an inferior pie.
Touted by New York Magazine as one of the City’s “biggest players” in the pizza realm for his Naples-style pies, Michele has earned a devoted fanbase for his many variations of pizza.